Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unit 12 : The Present Continuous Tense

1)    The Present Continuous Tense consists of te present tense form o the verb ‘to be’ + verb + ‘ing’ (am/is/are + verb+ ‘ing’).
Examples :

Present tense of ‘to be’
Continuous form
She/ He/It

2)    The Present Continuous Tense is used :
a)    To show that an action is still going on at time of speaking.
Examples :
Someone is knocking at the door. Can you see who it is?
The bus is leaving! Hurry! We can still catch it.
b)    To describe a temporary activity.
Examples :
The river is overflowing as the rain continues to pour heavily.
His condition is improving day by day.
c)    For events in the future.
Examples :
We are flying to Italy tomorrow.
I am walking to school from next week.

3)    The Present Continuous Tense is formed in the following ways.
a)    Adding ‘-ing’ to a verb without changing the spelling of the base verb.
Examples :
Beat-beating             catch-catching                     hurry-hurrying
b)    If the verb ends with ‘-e’, replace the ‘-e’ with ‘-ing’.
Examples :
Come-coming            ride-riding                  use-using
c)    If the verb ends with a single vowel + a single consonant, double the final consonant and add ‘-ing’.
Examples :
Run-running                        get-getting                 sit-sitting

Exercise :
1)    We __________ for Hong Kong tomorrow.
a)    are leaving
b)    are leave
c)    are left
d)    leaves

2)    He __________ the horse to town.
a)    are ride
b)    is riding
c)    is rides
d)    rode

3)    I __________ for a new pair of shoes. What are you shopping for ?
a)    shop
b)    shopped
c)    is shopping
d)    am shopping

4)    The girls __________ now. Could you come back later, please?
a)    sleep
b)    sleeps
c)    is sleeping
d)    are sleeping

5)    It _________ heavily outside so we cannot go out now.
a)    rained
b)    is raining
c)    are raining
d)    am raining

6)    I __________ a book from the library tomorrow.
a)    borrows
b)    borrowed
c)    is borrowing
d)    am borrowing

7)    The train _________ the railway station now.
a)    left
b)    leaves
c)    leaving
d)    is leaving

8)    My mother _________ a cake in the kitchen. Please hold on while I call her.
a)    bake
b)    baked
c)    baking
d)    is baking

9)    The lions ___________ a helpless deer.
a)    attack
b)    attacking
c)    is attacking
d)    are attacking

10)  They __________ happily now but only s few minutes ago they were arguing.
a)    laughs
b)    laughed
c)    is laughing
d)    are laughing

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