Saturday, November 17, 2012

Present Progressive Tense

Tense : Present Progressive Tense 现在进行式

Formula : verb to be (am/ is are) + present participle (2nd column of the verb list)
                 I am
                 He / She / It is           
                 You / We / They are
                 Ex: am/ is/ are eating
                       am/ is/ are sitting
Usage :

a)  An action which is happening now 正在发生的事、正在持续进行中的一个动作

b)  to describe certain repeated actions that are irritating 用以形容惹人厌烦的某些重复性动作。

Examples : a) I am eating pizza. 我正在吃着批萨。
                  b) They are talking on the phone now.
                  c) Jason is studying for his tests.
                  d) The naughty boy is always disturbing others.
Keywords : -Now
                    -At this moment

Exercise :Complete the sentences.
1. She __________________ (read) an English book.
2. They ___________________ (listen) to rock music.
3. We ____________________ (drink) lemonade.
4. Are you _________________ (study) Japanese?
5. I ___________________ (eat) a hamburger. 

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