Friday, November 16, 2012

Present Perfect Tense

Tense : Present Perfect Tense 现在完成式

Formula : verb to have (have/ has) + past participle (4th column of the verb list)
                 I / You / We / They have
                 He / She / It has
                 Ex: have/ has eaten
                       have/ has done

Usage : -An action which has happened/ completed 已经完整发生的一件事、已经完成的一个动作、刚刚发生。

Examples : a) -I have eaten pizza. 我已经吃了批萨。(我吃饱、抹好嘴巴后就说这句话)
                    b) -Nathalie has baked a cheese cake.
                    c) -The pupils have already done their homework.

Keywords : -already

Exercise :
Complete with the present perfect:
1.(to buy) =» I ________________ a bicycle.
2. (to pass) =» I am glad that you ___________________ your exam.
3. (to work) =» Phil _______________ all day.
4. (already + to see) =» I ___________________ this film.
5. (to break out) =» Fire ___________________ in my neighbour's kitchen. 

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